Management Design School

provided by International CARDS, LLC


Design Research

Design Research implementing modern technologies and strategies.

Research Methods

Quantitative Research

Qualitative Research

Mixed Methods

Research Design – Research design methods and tools. International CARDS, LLC provides various resources and tools for managing qualitative design. International CARDS, LLC provides consultation and training on implementing a variety of research methods for various industries.


Two Dimensional and Three Dimensional conceptual, logical, and physical modeling.


Management of documents and artifiacts across various stages and cross level coordination.


Organizational management consultation for individuals, organizations, and businesses.


Planning and scaling resources for organizational growth and responsiveness to changes.

Organizational Management – Methods and Resources

  • Ethics in Management and Decision Making
  • Team Building
  • Transparency in Leadership
  • Creating Innovative Ideas
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Resourcefulness and Flexibility
  • Effective Communication


Management Design School Resources

Management Design School Resources

Research on Big Data and Data Analysis

Transaction Processing

Analytic Processing


Reporting Services

Distributed Computing

Distributed File Systems

SQL Query Engines with Distributed Databases

Parallel Computing

High Power Computing

Grid Computing


Emerging Technologies

Quantum Computing

Green Data Centers

IoT Technology



Management Design School

Management Design School is a service of International Computer Aided Research Design Systems (CARDS), LLC to provide resources for conducting successful information systems projects with innovative technologies. Successful information technology projects can be difficult with the variety of resources available. Computer Aided Research Design Systems combines expertise in a wide number of areas in information technology to provide solutions to some of the most complex requirements in information technology. Management Design School is a platform for training about information technology. Management Design School is not affiliated with any accredited training and does not provide certificates or badges. Management Design School is a free service provided by International Computer Aided Research Design Systems (CARDS), LLC.

International Computer Aided Research Design Systems (CARDS), LLC

International Computer Aided Research Design Systems (CARDS), LLC provides technological solutions to customers worldwide. We develop software architecture strategies that enhance products and improve services. Our software architecture integrates with emerging technologies. International CARDS, LLC has explored and employed a new architecture strategy that allows clients to maximize the benefits of utilizing the latest technologies and improve the quality of their products and services.

International Computer Aided Research Design Systems (CARDS), LLC provides research studies in data analysis and business intelligence.  An upcoming project for International CARDS, LLC is the development of a platform that can interface between various data sets.  The platform implements various programming interfaces to exchange data among the various sets.  The data sets are also imported into an application that can provide visualization tools on a variety of platforms.  International CARDS, LLC provides these tools to assist data scientists with a suite of tools to perform various applications of data management, data processing, and data warehousing.





Dashboarding and Reporting

Dashboards and Reports for a Variety of Business Applications:   Operational and Embedded Analytics Performance and Optimization Statistical Techniques Real-Time Applications Customer Facing Applications Workforce and Talent Analytics Cognitive Systems Performance Management Workforce Planning Data Management Data Architecture IT Ifrastructure Governance and Infrastructure Risk Reporting

Cloud Applications

Applications in the Cloud: Cloud Applications have a variety of purposes Digital Subscriptions Presentations Medical Imaging Storage Backup and Disaster IoT eCommerce Backup and Recovery Mobile Applications


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